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    1. Stock Market in Estonia

      The Estonian stock market works by the principle – fewer in number, but more good companies.
    2. External trade of Estonia

      The volume of Estonia’s imports and exports in 2011 reached record levels unseen since Estonia joined the European Union in 2004.
    3. Foreign investments in Estonia

      In a manner similar to other small-scale open economies, Estonia needs a constant flow of foreign investments in order to maintain the expansion of its economy.
    4. Business ethics in Estonia

      Estonian business ethics and Estonian culture in general is a mixture deriving from the country's geopolitical stance as well as from its history. Estonians like to be considered a part of Scandinavia and Northern Europe rather than one of the Baltic countries or, god forbid, a former Soviet republic.
    5. Business environment in Estonia

      In general, free enterprise and trade, as in other EU countries, characterize the business environment in Estonia.
    6. Real estate market

      Estonia’s property market that crash-landed in 2008 along with the worldwide credit crunch after becoming overheated in 2005–2007, showed first signs of recovery in 2011.
    7. Labour market of Estonia

      Estonia’s labour market has recovered quite rapidly from the recent recession in 2011. While the unemployment level is still higher than in the boom years 2006–2007, employment has increased fast mostly due to a bloom in exporting industry.
    8. About Estonia

      Estonia – the smallest Baltic State and one of the smallest European Union member-states – is located in the northern Europe, on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. In the east Estonia borders Russia, in the south – Latvia. Estonia has also a sea border with Finland in the north, in the Gulf of Finland, and Sweden in the west, in the Baltic Sea.
    9. Estonian tax system

      The Estonian taxation system has some advantages for the foreign investor.
    10. Economy of Estonia

      Estonia is considered one of the most successful examples of fiscal policy and of how to manage the development of a small economy.
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